Chicago Mafia


The Chicago Mafia, also known as “The Chicago Outfit” is a crime syndicate based in Chicago, Illinois. Unlike the Five Mafia Families from New York, the outfit has a monopoly on the criminal underworld of Chicago and only answers to The Commission.

The Chicago Outfit was born around the 1910s and rules throughout the western US to places as far away as LA, California and some parts of FL. The Outfit is also known to have vast control over neighboring states including Iowa, Wisconsin and other areas of the Midwest.

To this day, the Chicago Outfit is always linked to its best-known leader, Al Capone. In fact for decades after Capone had left the underworld, the Outfit was known as “the Capones” or “the Capone Gang” to those not in the know. Its membership is estimated to be -at least- between 300-400 made members as its core group with more than 1000 associates.

Since its early days, the Outfit has had a business and personal rivalry between the Northside (North Side Mafia) and Southside Chicago Gangs of which Al Capone was the southern and George “Bugs” Moran was the northern. Worth noting is the fact that the Northern Mob was mostly comprised of Irish-American members while the Outfit had mostly Italian-American members.

The Outfit is also famous for it’s involvement with the CIA during Castro’s overthrow of the Cuban government. In return for their help, the Outfit would be given access to their former casinos if they helped to take down Castro (The infamous “Operation Mongoose”). Since the endeavor failed, the deal broke down and the Outfit started facing increasing indictments under President John F. Kennedy (JFK) administration, the Chicago Mafia is usually subject of conspiracy theories regarding JFK’s murder, as well as JFK’s brother Robert. The Outfit has controlled Vegas casinos and “skimmed” millions over the course of several decades.
The Chicago Mafia Bosses since it’s inception

* 1910–1920 — Giacomo Colosimo (“James,” “Big Jim”) (1877–1920)
* 1920–1925 — John Torrio (“Johnny The Fox”) (1882–1957)
* 1925–1932 — Alphonse Capone (“Al,” “Scarface”) (1899–1947)
* 1931–1943 — Francesco Nitto (“Frank Nitti”) (1888–1943) Probably a figurehead under “Paul Ricca”
* 1931–1947 — Felice DeLucia (“Paul ‘The Waiter’ Ricca”) (1897–1972)
* 1945–1957 — Antonino Accardo (“Tony,” “Joe Batters,” “The Big Tuna”) (1906–1992) – Remained as top Outfit consigliere until his death and approved every major decision it was made
* 1957–1966 — Salvatore Giancana (“Sam,” “Momo,” “Mooney”) (1908–1975)
* 1966–1967 — Samuel “Teets” Battaglia (1908–1973)
* 1967–1969 — John Cerone (“Jackie the Lackey”) (1914–1996)
* 1969–1971 — Felix Alderisio (“Milwaukee Phil”) (1912–1971)
* 1971–1986 — Joseph John Aiuppa (“Joey Doves”) (1907–1997)
* 1986–1989 — Joseph Ferriola (“Joe Nagall”) (1948–1989)
* 1989–1993 — Samuel Carlisi (“Sam,” “Wings”) (1914–1997)
* 1993–2003 — John DiFronzo
* 2003–2007 — James Marcello (“Little Jimmy”)
* 2008-present, John DiFronzo

Associates and Members

* Jake Gusik (“Greasy Thumb”)
* Willie Bioff
* Jack McGurn (“Machine Gun”)
* Pasqualino Lolordo (“Patsy”)
* Antonio Lombardo (“The Scourge”)
* Anthony Spilotro (“Tony the Ant”)
* John Roselli (“Handsome Johnny”)
* Jimmy Torello (“The Turk”)
* Fiore Buccieri (“Fifi”)
* Frank Buccieri (“The Horse”)
* Sam DeStefano (“Mad Sam”)
* Christopher West (“CW”)
* Mario Anthony DeStefano
* Louis Campagna (“Little New York”)
* Charles Gioe (“Cherry Nose”)
* Louis Fratto (“Cock Eyed”)
* Gus Alex (“Gussie”)
* Murray Humphreys (“The Camel”)
* William Daddano (“Willie Potatoes”)
* Marco D’Amico
* Gordy Weems (“Northside Gordy”)
* Dominic Burgo
* Frank Calabrese, Sr.
* Joseph Lombardo (“The Clown”)
* Jim Distler/Gambino
* Dominic Cortina
* Donald Angelini
* Dominic DiMaggi
* Nicholas DiMaggi
* Robert Urbinatti
* Joseph Andriacchi

Fictional portrayals

The Chicago Outfit has been subject of Hollywood films and television for a long time, including the highly fictionalized Scarface (1932), Chicago Syndicate (1955), The Scarface Mob (1957), The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1967 and later in 2006), The Outfit (1973), The Untouchables (1987). During the late 60s and into the 1970s The FBI showcased numerous, fictionalized, real Outfit cases on its television show.

Martin Scorsese’s 1995 masterpiece “Casino” is a fictionalized portrayal of the Chicago Mafia’s skimming operations in Vegas. In the movie Payback, Mel Gibson fights against the crime organization called, The Outfit.