Does the Mafia still exist?

Question by leafs_fan760: Does the Mafia still exist?
in NYC does the mafia still do a lot of organized crime? and with the crime they do is it enough money to live off or is the mafia over in NYC? the five families are still in NY though so there doing something right?

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Answer by sexyblackmomba
Of course they still exist…you’r ejusy not supposed to know about it…

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  1. melsposty says:

    Yes the mafia is still around. But now it is the Asian Mafia that has the major power. very cruel and show no respect to family when the Italian would not hurt the family.

  2. create62 says:

    If I answered you, I might be sleeping with the fishes.

  3. doodoo27 says:

    mob business is big business but keep it to yourself before you go swimming with the fishes.

  4. Donut Cop says:

    Yes, there very well is the mafia. La Cosa Nostra still exists, and not only in NYC, however, Chicago, Dallas, Arizona, New Jersey, etcetera. They do live very well. However, it is similar to a gang, only two ways out, prison or death. A little word of advice, don’t get yourself into something you can’t get out. Real life mafia is more dangerous and very differential than it is on television.

  5. mrpeachycat says:

    The mafia, and organized crime in general is all over the country, not just NYC. They make a fortune off of other people’s misery through drugs, prostitution, theft, extortion, illegal gambling, etc.
    There is nothing romantic about them. They are ruthless thugs and only take care of their own. They would kill you if you stood in their way, or got in their business and would still sleep like babies.
    People and Hollywood treat them like celebrities but they are predators and everything they touch is covered in blood.

  6. Annabelle says:

    They sure do.

  7. FireBug says:

    My cousin Vito still believes…………….

  8. broiler1181 says:

    i hope so they owe me money and some smokes

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