how do you start a mafia family from scratch?

Question by mykal p: how do you start a mafia family from scratch?
I am actually half sicilian, but am adopted. I already have a few rackets in the works. I also own a handgun.

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Answer by maggiejo717
You dont!

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12 Responses to how do you start a mafia family from scratch?

  1. ANNiEE.<3 says:

    mafia’s are cool.

    marrying the mafia the movie was funny.

  2. Deadhead Neil says:

    Have a whole bunch of Italian kids.

  3. Seehaze J says:

    sorry but adopted wanna bes dont count. Hope you like the prison life, your future boyfriend is waiting for you there.

  4. Shamrock gurl says:

    Have a bunch of kids and abuse them into being violent sociopaths. Because if you just gather people (A) they may not be violent enought or (B) they maybe too violent to be loyal to you and (C) grow up

  5. Jaycon says:

    Bwaha he owns a handgun. Cute.

  6. Stephanie.Coast says:

    haha Im not even going to dignify this with a proper answer… but to say, you dont.

  7. keffer e says:

    mafia can be any race or culture.or area of the brother had a “Family”.when they went on vacation for two weeks every year our large Town. the second largest city in the state would dry up in regards to drugs.start something illegal and then have people help you and it grows and grows.he was never caught nor any of his family since they were smart .drugs later ruined his life.though.I used to be a bounty hunter till i almost killed i quit.its best of course to stay legal.theirs many other things to do to make money.i wish you the best.if you kill you will go to hell. remember that.give yourself over to the holy spirit and it will help you greatly. i have seen supernatural miracles happen because of my Faith. Peace

  8. DEE says:

    Yer great.
    Count me in cause I have a hack saw and will start our reputation by hacking you to bits for being a complete fraggle.

    Where do u live?


  9. RoChEr says:

    only the movie “god father” was cool other than that i don’t agree with you!!

    have a nice day..: )

  10. nahnahnanana says:

    Are you ok????????? For sure???????? Do you believe I will answer?????????

  11. sex filmy says:

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