is there a portuguese mafia?

Question by : is there a portuguese mafia?
Is there a Portuguese mafia? I’ve been doing a little a bit of research on the topic and have come up with very little evidence of a Portuguese mafia. Apparently, there is a Portuguese crime family called ‘The Rego Family’ who run Archway in North London.

Does anybody know if there is a Portuguese mafia, can you tell me some information on them. When i mean ‘Mafia’ i mean the traditional mafia that are portrayed in the godfather.

Also, there also seems to be some sign of the Portuguese mafia in California, Canada etc. I can’t find anything on the internet about them, where as the Mexican mafia and Russian mafia has loads of information on the internet.

Please could someone assist me on this topic?


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Answer by Andreea
I am sure there is a mafia in any country…and local portuguese mafia must exist too. Not that famous though.

If you need somebody to translate local portuguese pages from Portugal they might help:

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