Photos of the dead bodies of the most famous mob hits ordered by various bosses from the New York Cosa Nostra


  1. ninjaplayer111 says:

    Damn mafia is not the people you want to mess with… THEY WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!?

  2. FDdreamInc says:

    Excellent collection? but you missed out the legendary Dutch Schultz bro.
    Also loved the music beat. u know the track?

  3. tehpewpew420 says:

    Live by the? sword, die by the sword. Fuck them.

  4. mrtundra45 says:

    @G00g284 Yeah and The Mexican Cartels could beat the Mexican-American Mafia any day…All (or most of) the Major? crime organizations in the world are connected somehow tho… The Italians i know for a fact do business with the russians and they buy Drugs whole-sale from the Cartels.

  5. G00g284 says:

    @mrtundra45 true that, italian mafia would get a lot more respect from me than a Mexican mafia, i don’t even think of them as? a mafia, hooligans is the word, Italian mafia have style, charisma and respect for their own.

  6. mrtundra45 says:

    @G00g284 I agree and the Russians did a good job of taking advantage of the collapsing USSR.
    But im just saying Russians and Mexicans think they are better they need to recognize WHO started this shit, who? set the mold….Sicilians ;)

  7. G00g284 says:

    @mrtundra45 they took advantage of something, isn’t that? what all mafias do?
    quit hating…

  8. shetlandwool says:

    @belakranian? there is only one mafia that’s jews. either Russian, Italian or US mafia is all jewish kenite tribe of Judah.

  9. mrtundra45 says:

    @belakranian pretty much…..although im not sure of the figured annual sum of money for all those slavic? and jew mobs put together…. but the total earnings for the italian/sicilian/american mafia together is estimated at around 200 Billion dollars per year +or – …this includes other italain mafia factions in canada, australia, germany etc…. but the 5 families of NYC probably account for like 20% of that figure alone depending on if they had a good year or not….lol fed’s bringin heat.

  10. belakranian says:

    @mrtundra45 id have to say overall all the slavic or red mob crime groups in total make more then italians just becasue there in so many more places(all over europe in? america and really strong in israel) and they’ers more of them…russian organized crime usally only deals with big money…mostly known for running the worlds arms trade,smuggling, big on sex trafficing, and such

  11. mrtundra45 says:

    @belakranian They probably make about as much as the italians but keep in mind the “russian organized crime” consist of many other smaller crime groups like the? the russian jews, ukranians, bulgarians, hungarians…..lots of slavic crime mobs all work together.

  12. belakranian says:

    @mrtundra45 but yet the russians controll and make more money world wide then? any other mafia

  13. mrtundra45 says:

    Its funny how you broke ass russians keep boasting on videos about italian mafia lol no one gives a shit about russians the ONLY reason the russians are doing well is because they have access to the left over ex-soviet cold war millitary weapons and nuclear weapons…..if not for the break up of the ussr and communism and the? cold war you russians would still be enslaves to the Jews…….but the italians and sicilians have been mobbing for 500 years controlling shit and making BIG MONEY $

  14. mrtundra45 says:

    @b7r7u7c7e Cuz you have the potential to make 100x more money, you have protection, controll, power and influence, a higher rank among other criminals in the streets, and you can get access to just about Anything you want or need….heck why join the army? atleast in the mob you get to make a shit ton of? money before you die and pass it down to your family and the army they send you off to go Die in a forign country and you see ZERO profits..they send your family a thank you letter. lol

  15. b7r7u7c7e says:

    I’m amazed why anyone would want? to join the mob. You good as dead.

  16. vilpauiza says:

    @rickieingle101st just face the reality ITALIAN MAFIA IN THE HISTORY BOOKS. Russian mafia where and are the powerfulest 1991 to this day. yes the movies were made by Americans who are Holly Wood :D DDD al legit now. Sorry to brake it to you but americans make dovumentury movies about the Russian? mafia. Some Lithuanian guys try to sell the secret agents nuclier bomb. the Italians drove around robing banks and killing each other :D DDDD fail. o and also their are Russian mafia movies.

  17. rickieingle101st says:

    @vilpauiza….You are wrong you little shit. Apparently you have no clue……the Italian mafia rules and will always rule no matter how many of them there are……maybe you should learn to spell………you dont see the russian mafia making a bunch of movies and sequels and the russian mafia isnt in the government like the? Italians were……..YOU know where the word mafia came from??? Italy!!!!!! Capische??

  18. MegaJohnson64 says:

    I guess it’s true that? they tend to kill their own.

  19. thisbuds4me says:

    good? riddance

  20. wferrari97 says:

    my dad gave castellano his last tank of gas on? staten island right before they went to manhattan

  21. josekarasta says:

    Thomas Bilotti was? under boss, not bodyguard

  22. FOUGEDDABOUDIT4509 says:

    Good Video … But the Umbertos resturant that Joey gallo was? shot at is not the same location as the one today…

  23. TheCycling123 says:

    Supermen37 you sick fuck?

  24. concertphotography says:

  25. me8657 says:

    Sick song and the pics are pretty? disturbing -__-

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