Q&A: Is the Mafia still around today?

Question by : Is the Mafia still around today?
i know Italian people have a lot of Family just wondering if the Mafia is still around like the godfather and The Sopranos?
wow W4bark i never knew that or anything about them Thank You for Sharing your experience with me i guess times have changed since the 1960′s since they was famous. :)
Yes Athene you did answer my question, Thank you i never knew they were in in charge of Italy they must have a lot of power over everyone there it’s amazing what they accomplished isn’t it? going from Italy to America opening restaurants up and bringing their authentic Italian food and culture here to share with everyone.

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Answer by Big Softy
If I tell you, I’ll have to whack you!

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  1. Master Chief says:

    They got jobs on Wall Street.

    I’m serious, the old time street guys are still around,but they learned from Vegas the old ways are out.
    Now you steal more and better with a computer than a gun.

  2. W4bark says:

    I’ve been to a mafia gathering in the 1960′s..
    I would say NO-that the Italian mafia–is a blurry–angle to what-ever they might scrap from the streets..
    Anything that might call itself..mafia..is usually–a depressed/delusional–gang.

  3. Fireball says:


  4. Athene says:

    The real Mafia are nothing like the godfather or the sopranos but they are still going strong and flourishing. I live in Sicily and they run the whole place, they are in charge of the government and all the infrastructures and nearly all the businesses here.
    If you look up Toto Cuffaro, he used to be the president of Sicily and he was sentenced to five years in prison for Mafia membership. However, for the first year of hius sentence he was allowed to continue being the president of Sicily to finish his term of office. Yeah, that’s how things work in this dump I call home.
    My husband is a lawyer, he told me they just arrested 12 bosses who were re-forming the Cupola, that means the top tier of organisers of the Mafia. They do a lot of to and fro between here and America, when the law gets onto their tail here they go to America and lie low for a while, and vice versa.

    Does that answer your question?

  5. DimyHC says:

    I don’t know the situation in US but in Italy Mafia exist like in Russia , america , china and japan.
    here in italy mafia became almost invisible , and sometimes control Italian politics , if you go in the south of Italy lots of things are controlled by it , but it isnt like the Godfather or Soprano that was the rappresentation of mafia in the 30′s not in 2011. In italy almost everybody fight the mafia in his own way.

    In my opinion mafia in 2011 is a bunch of old men who want to act like Scarface but are only able to sell drugs and steal money from people trought the state. The real ”Mafia ” in 2011 are the gouvernement who want to destroy freedom.

  6. Californian says:

    yes. did you heard of the italian man that got arreasted yesterday in new york? he was a mafia leader. and he looks scary.

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