The New Russian’s Roulette (New Method of Torture) – FUNNY!

What happens when two American tourist get captured by the Russian KGB? Words are exchanged, opinions are argued and laughs are heard! Watch as the Russian mafia inflict pain to these kids with their 2010 NEW and IMPROVED torture method! Written & Directed by: Marco Infante Starring: Keston John Sarah Block Rob Kellner Scotty Dickert
Video Rating: 4 / 5

8 Responses to The New Russian’s Roulette (New Method of Torture) – FUNNY!

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  3. Vandonj says:

    I’m to AWESOME to die!!? Lmao


    Keston!!!, Awesome Job on Lie to Me!! ( One of the best? shows on TV)

  5. TheDreamersKidsShow says:

    Keston!!!, Awesome Job? on Lie to Me!! ( One of the best shows on TV)

  6. SharondaNicoleShow says:


  7. myreallife10 says:

    love the accent guys! TOO FUNNY!?

  8. TCCP2009 says:

    hahahaha!? Hilarious guys! “Eddie Murphy!”

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